Imagine a community –
Where children are excited about math and science.
Where an army of business and industry volunteers work hand in hand with teachers.
Where middle and high school students are offered cutting-edge technology.
Where work ethics are not just taught but applied.
Where a low-cost educational program generates a high-yield economic impact.
Where a single program cuts across all areas of the curriculum.
Where children learn about career opportunities in their own hometown.

Where the potential engineer works side by side with the potential marketer, the potential salesperson, the potential graphic artist and the potential technician – and each recognizes the other’s critical role.
Where problem solving and critical thinking are essential and rewarded.
Where hard work and teamwork are fun.

BEST Robotics does all that – uniting kids and schools and parents and industry in a community that promotes the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education that’s so necessary for a 21st century economy.

Welcome to the Resource Center for Friends of BEST in Alabama.